VU mastercourse ‘Change Dynamics’ 2017-2018


Change Dynamics is an unique mastercourse, 6 ECTS, part of the BCO -master program ‘Consultancy & Change’ at the Faculty Social Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam. It is an indeep  introduction to the field of Organization Development & Change. During the course, students develop a broad theoretical perspective on change dynamics, work on an individual assignment, engage in group assignment focusing on two real life cases and ultimately check their knowledge during an exam. The Course is in Dutch.

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Syllabus Veranderdynamiek 2017-2018 


Mandatory literature academic year 2017-2018 

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Relevant clips Youtube

Robert Kegan & Immunity for change


 John Kotter & Change Dynamics


Carly Fiorina & Fear for Change (formal CEO HP 1999-2005)


Ken Blanchard & Change Dynamics


Peter Kruse & Management




Prezis earlier years

COLLEGE  1  introduction (click on picture to start prezi)

hc intro website ho 2


COLLEGE 2 Change Dynamics (click on picture to start prezi)

hc 2 veranderdynamiek website


COLLEGE 3 Change approaches part 1 (click on picture to start prezi)

hc 3 Change approaches website part 1


COLLEGE 5 Change approaches part 2(click on picture to start prezi)hc 5 change approaches part 2


COLLEGE 6 Organization Development & Action Research (click on picture to start prezi)



COLLEGE 8 Participation & Empowerment (click on picture to start prezi)

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-27 om 15.46.02


COLLEGE 10 Change Leadership & Change Management (click on picture to start prezi)

hc 10 Changel leadership



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