VASS Post-academic Change Management 2018

With the course ‘Change Mangement’of the VU Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), you will learn as a professional, using the latest scientific insights, to find creative and innovative solutions for your administrative or organizational challenges. VASS courses and courses for professionals are small and intensive. They are given by professors and top-level teaching scientists who bridge bridges between science and practice in all courses and courses. They do this by combining the most recent theories, field of work experiences of participants and mutual intervision.

Module ‘Change Management’

In this course you will learn in an analytical and critical way reflecting on issues of change management and Organizational Development within your organization and the Dutch context through lectures, presentations, interactive discussions and practical exercises. The VASS Change Management course offers an academic viewpoint on the human side of organizational change.

After successfully completing the course you have:

  • State of the art knowledge of the most relevant theories in the field of Organizational Development and Change.
  • Reflective insights into your own change related assumptions and know how apply them into your work.
  • Differentiated skills in how to ¬†influence behavior, attitude and skills of humans.
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