Victor Brauner (1954) “Prelude to civilisation” (MoMa, New York)soc-const-2

In general, social constructionism is a scientifically grounded approach in psychology and in sociology that attempts to come to terms with natural, realistic descriptions of human interaction. There are many (social) constructionism’s and constructivism’s , and in essence, they are all based on the following pivotal assumptions: 1) objective reality is elusive for people, and, to the extent that a reality exists, it is a social construction; 2) knowledge is historically and culturally specific, and therefore contextual; 3) knowledge arises from human interaction.

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    In this English-language article from 2010, a social constructionist explanation is given for what happens when we apply tools and insights from the Organization Development. The authors leave for this from the original work of Berger and Luckmann from 1966, and allow this to indicate the processes that take place during a process of organizational development.

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    In this English-language article from 2013, a social constructionist perspective is is used as a theoretical foundation for Large Group Intervention. In the second half the article focuses on some typical dilemmas that arise when you combine an open dialogue with a typical planned change change program.

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  • In 1999 published as a Dutch dissertation. The book is the end result of a phD-researchproject. The starting point is ‘socio-technology’. From a scientific theoretical point of view, the book makes it clear how insights from the social-constructionist perspective can be expressed and can be developed by means of Large Group Interventions in the change-learning practice. Click on the picture below and you will be in the “Submenu” submenu where you can find more information about social constructionism.


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