Large Group Interventions


Development is predominantly a matter of changing people’s individual perceptual frames through interaction. Widely shared interactive insights gained during a collective dialogue session serve as a common ground for initiating new or better adapted behavior. Human behavior is thought to depend on social perception “in which we perceive ourselves and others within the social setting.”

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    In this Dutch book from 2012, 16 different practitioners write about their experiences gained in recent years by Large Group Interventions.  In eight practical cases, both authors and their clients are talking about how to work together during the change process. Click on the image above for more information on the last book published on this page.

  • In this English article published in ‘Challenging Organisations and Society’  we discuss  Social constructionism as the theoretical foundation of Large Group Itervention and close with some typical paradoxes and dilemma’s that inmediately appear when you organize  dialogue sessions within a planned change program.





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    In this Dutch chapter some propositions are made realizing change with the use of Large Group Interventions.  Click on the image above for more information about the entire book as written by Marco de Witte, Jan Jonker and Maurits Jan Vink (Editors).

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