Module ‘Change Management’ MBA TSM

Achtergrond Module Change Management 

Most organizations simply cannot sustain excellent performance unless they are capable of managing the paradoxical forces of continuity and change. This is also true on a more human level. People like to feel stable and yet survival demands change, thus the manager is faced with a paradox that is difficult to resolve to everyone’s satisfaction. Moreover, just as opposing atoms of change and stability can alter their own polarities, depending upon the context, people can perceive a single factor as an enabler in one instance and as a constraint in another. Therefore, people in positions to influence change must do so with utmost care, informed by best practice in the ways of change management as scholars and educators prepare students of management studies for the true complexity of change.

Het doel van de module is om te reflecteren op de eigen managementpraktijk aan de hand van de volgende drie hoofdonderwerpen: (1) Eigen veranderkundige aannames over wat mensen doet veranderen (2) De aannames achter het betrekken van mensen in verandering en 3) De aannames achter het (combineren) van strategische interventies om ongewenste dynamiek te veranderen.

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