Verandermanagement in de publieke sector (2009)

Change Management in the Public Sector (2009)

This chapter delves into the specific context of the public sector. What are the unique characteristics of organizational development and change management in this sector? What are the experiences with implementing organizational development (OD) in the public sector? Using a business case from the Dutch public sector, the chapter explains the considerations involved and the experiences gained. It discusses the participatory setup of the change process and the longitudinal research on its progress and effects.

General Description of the Book

The book “Managing Organizational Change in Public Services” is part of the influential Routledge series “Understanding Organizational Change.” It features contributions from various leading international authors who explore the specific nature of change management in the public sector. The authors blend theoretical insights into change management with real-life experiences. The book specifically addresses topics such as change leadership, participative change, change management, and strategies of change as they apply to the public sector.


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